Pick up your order weekly on Wednesday from 5:30 PM to 6:30 PM

Pick up your order at one of these four convenient locations each Wednesday from 5:30 to 6:30. If you have any questions regarding pick up, please call Samantha at 240-357-5339.

Frederick Friends Meeting House
723 N. Market St.
Frederick, MD 21701

Stone Pillar Farm
6316 Mount Phillip Rd.
Frederick, MD 21703

Solid Rock Assembly of God Church
3726 Clay St.
Point of Rocks, MD 21777

Bar-T Mountainside
2914 Roderick Rd.
Urbana, MD 21704

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If you have a suggestion for a pickup location near you, please contact Samantha Berenschot at samantha@communityfare.com read more...

A Piece of Harmony

A Piece of Harmony

Piece of Harmony farm is our small family produce farm nestled at the bottom of Braddock Mountain located near Harmony (unincorporated) in Myersville, MD. We are family owned and operated by Andrew and Katie Grimm. We have three wonderful children Zoey, Aiden and Liam. We love growing our own food and also teaching our children. Our family has been growing produce for our own family for several years and we love to share with our community. We grow a variety of produce year round and sell locally, and at Myersville Farmer's Market. We like to get to know our customers and educate them about their food. Whether picked by big hands or small hands we all do our part. Dirt covered hands and sometimes little dirty feet are the norm in this crazy house. read more...

Some kind words from our amazing customers!

"I love shopping multiple farms at once, in a safe, convenient online ordering format. Our orders have always been packed beautifully, and the quality of the food is amazing. We love to support local when it's this easy and delicious!"

"Being able to support small, local farmers and eat fresh, healthy food is a win-win combination. Each time that I pick-up an order from FFO I feel like it's Christmas for my family and me."

"I am thrilled to have had the opportunity to buy quality, fresh produce while supporting local farms/farmers. Thanks to Bar-T for making it possible. It couldn't be easier!" read more...

Copper Penny Farm

The idea for Copper Penny Farm began in 2005, when we, Chuck and Nancy Gardetto, first met. We quickly discovered two things: first, we each owned a dog, one named Copper and the other named Penny, and second, we had a mutual interest in raising animals and playing in the dirt. We both were working “real” office-type jobs at the time, and we surprised many of our friends when we purchased a hidden gem of land in Hanover, Maryland, and declared ourselves farmers. First came the chickens, then a couple of pigs. And as fencing went up, so did the variety of animals increase. (Although if we are to stick to the absolute truth, usually the animals arrived first, followed by a mad rush to put up fencing to contain them!) After reading every farming book and magazine we could find, and after talking with every farmer who would answer our endless questions, we found that we liked the idea of sustainable farming and heritage animals. And so Copper Penny Farm began to take shape with heritage pigs, Katahdin sheep, Galloway-cross steer, plus a flock of ducks and chickens.

And now, in 2019, we are excited to announce that Copper Penny Farm has expanded! We have recently moved to a much larger and much more open piece of property in Adamstown, Maryland. Copper Penny Farm 2.0 will allow us to expand our pasture-based farming into new directions. We look forward to sharing our new adventure with you! read more...

Dandelion & Rust

Dandelion and Rust is a small scale, diversified farm nestled in the mountains outside Frederick, Maryland. They love to grow the unusual: aromatic culinary herbs, funky fruits, and other things that catch their fancy.
The farm is a collaboration between grower, Laura Genello, and artist, David Sleightholm. "We love learning new things, and hope to share what we learn through both our mistakes and successes."

2019 was the inaugural year for Dandelion & Rust Farm, but they bring to the project years of experience in small-scale, intensive agriculture and garden-based education.

Laura was drawn into farming by the allure of natural ecosystems and a wonder at the inter-connectivity of all life--the wonder of nature and the relationships between the fungi, plants, insects, soil organisms, and other life on the farm are a testament to the beauty of the planet.

"Sustainability must mean more than just environmental protection; we must also promote just social systems and economically viable businesses. With this in mind, we aim to go beyond relationships that are merely sustainable, and instead be regenerative."

​Dandelion & Rust grows in accordance with organic methods, striving to create robust, resilient ecosystems. This means working with internal nutrient cycling and pest suppression as much as possible. In these early days of the farm, it is not certified organic.

Their practices include using low tillage methods to work the soil, embracing compost, planting our aisles with clover to reduce erosion, and using paper mulches instead of plastic.

Laura first caught the farming bug during an apprenticeship on a vegetable farm in Rhode Island. Laura has worked in local food systems for over 10 years. She has run farmers markets in DC, managed an educational, aquaponics farm in Baltimore, and currently works for Baltimore City Public Schools as a Farm to School Specialist. Enjoying being in her head nearly as much as being in the field, Laura has a masters in organic agriculture from Wageningen University in the Netherlands, and a bachelors in environmental science from Brown University.

After years of working to support farmers, Dandelion & Rust is Laura's opportunity to give it a try for herself. Laura often enlists the help and support of her husband, Dave, who is an artist specializing in mixed media sculpture. Most of his time is dedicated to his business, Sleightholm Arts, for which he creates one of a kind furniture. He brings his incredible problem solving and engineering skills to the farm, along with his impressive tool library. read more...