How does it work?
Each week you can access the Frederick Fresh Online farmers market and order what you need for the week. View the available items and select what you need as you would shopping at a market--just what you need or want for that week. 

Use the SEARCH feature to view products by category, search by producer, or find specific products.

We are here to help you fill your kitchen with local, in-season, and environmentally sustainable products, delivered to a convenient location for pick up.


Once your order is placed, we send a message to our local farm partners to pick and prepare your order. Your farmers deliver your orders to Bar-T Mountainside in just enough time for us to organize customer orders. Our commercial refrigeration and freezer keep their delivery fresh for order aggregation and pick-up.


When and how do I order?

First create a customer account on the Frederick Fresh Online site to use at your convenience when you would like to order from our growers. When you create your account, you will select the pick-up location you will want to use.

The online market opens at 8 a.m. on Thursdays and closes at 8 p.m. on Sundays. Log in and place your order, filling your cart with fresh, in-season, local produce. You will be charged a $3 order processing fee for each order. This fee helps cover operational expenses such as market and safety supplies, credit card processing fees, and software platform fees. You can add to your order at any time and will only be charged once for the site delivery & packing fee.

I've heard FFO is piloting FREE home delivery; how do you sign up?

We are piloting a free delivery service to limited areas currently. First, check that you live within our delivery area by visiting our radius map. You must live within the within the black circle radius on the map. Your next step is to place an order by clicking on SHOP above! Finally, complete our delivery form. You will receive an email on Monday confirming you are eligible and will receive your order via delivery Wednesday, likely between 5:30 and 7pm.

When and where do I pick up my order?

Pick up days are Wednesdays. The main pick up location is Bar-T Mountainside (2914 Roderick Road, Urbana, MD).

We also have three satellite pick-up locations at Solid Rock Assembly of God (3726 Clay St., Point of Rocks, MD), Frederick Friends Meeting House (723 North Market St, Frederick, MD). and Stone Pillar Farm (6316 Mt Phillip Rd, Frederick, MD 21703). Orders must be picked up between 5:30 and 6:30 pm.

How do you change your pick-up location?

As we have four pickup locations, we would like to point you to the procedure for changing your pickup location should it ever make sense for you to switch for just one week, or permanently. On your computer, click on PICKUP LOCATIONS from the menu bar, then click on the gray box on the lower right side of the map that says YOUR PICKUP LOCATION. Select the location you want from the pull-down menu. If you have a suggestion for a pickup location near you, please contact Lisa Orr at

Can FFO establish a pick-up location in our community?

The FFO Implementation Team can work with volunteers in your community to set up a satellite pick-up location. FFO would need (1) a volunteer in your community to serve as the point person, (2) reliable volunteers (with coolers) to pick-up your community's orders on Wednesdays and distribute them to customers, (3) a location willing to serve as the pick-up site that has freezer space for meats and good drive-up space or parking, and (4) volunteers in your community to promote Frederick Fresh Online use among friends, neighbors, and networks. Contact Market Manager Kelsi Stembel if interested in pursuing this at

What happens if something is missing from my order or if an item is spoiled?

Please let us know via the contact form on the site if you have a problem with an item. Fresh food can be complicated--perhaps the quantity expected didn’t mature in time to deliver or the eggs got broken. Unfortunately the card processing system does not allow us to refund a purchase back to the card, but we will give you a credit for the value of the item for you to use on your next purchase.

I added items to my cart, waited a day or two before placing the order, and some of the items disappeared from my cart. What happened? 

Unfortunately, placing items in your cart does not reserve them. The items are only deducted from the website's inventory when you place the order and pay for it. To make sure you get the items you want before they sell out, place your order right away; you can always add items later and will only be charged one packing fee.


I'm having trouble finding items on the shopping page.


On the shopping page, you can search by producer, by category, by key words, or by a combination of these options. This should help prevent a lot of scrolling. 


I thought I placed an order, but when I showed up at the pickup location, my order wasn't there.  

 Once in a while, there is a weird glitch with Stripe and the order doesn't go through. Please make sure you receive a confirmation email for your order! If you don't, contact Kelsi ( to make sure your order went through, OR click on the person icon in the top right corner and select "My Orders." This will show you if the order was received.

 What happens if I forget my order?

We make every attempt to work with you should you forget to pick up your order. If we are unable to connect with you and make alternative arrangements, forgotten orders will be donated to local food banks to help alleviate food insecurity in our community.


 If you are interested in becoming a producer copy and paste this URL to view our guidelines:



“My grandfather used to say that once in your life you need a doctor, a lawyer, a policeman and a preacher, but every day, three times a day, you need a farmer.” --Brenda Schoep