Beef Bacon

Deer Run Farm Beef Bacon
Deer Run Farm Beef Bacon

Producer: Deer Run Farm

Category: Meat & Seafood

Beef bacon is exactly what it sounds like: bacon from beef. Made from the same stomach area as pork, it’s cured and sliced identically to pork bacon, but made from beef.

Beef bacon has a similar taste to pork bacon, but often times a bit saltier with its ability to absorb the brine more easily in its fat. The slices are usually longer than pork and don’t typically shrink up when cooked the way pork bacon does. Think of it as a super thin breakfast steak!

Each pack is roughly 1lb.


Antibiotic Free Frozen Hormone Free Local Naturally Grown Sustainable Practices

Available At These Locations

URBANA - Bar-T Mountainside | POINT OF ROCKS - Solid Rock Assembly of God | FREDERICK - Frederick Friends Meeting | WEST FREDERICK - Stone Pillar Farm


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