Goose Eggs (soy-free, corn-free & GMO-free)

Producer: Koofie’s Natural Living Farm & Botanicals

Category: Dairy & Eggs

Goose eggs are HUGE! They run about 4-5.5 oz and fill my whole hand! They have a thicker shell than chicken and even duck eggs and are great for eating as well as art projects. Geese only lay for a short time each year and have a limited amount of eggs, so we will only have eggs as long as they're laying.

Eggs are cleaned but may retain some staining. For art projects a mild solution of bleach may clean the staining completely.


Free Range Local Non-GMO Pasture Raised Soy Free Sustainable Practices Antibiotic Free Corn Free Pesticide Free

Available At These Locations

FREDERICK - Frederick Friends Meeting | POINT OF ROCKS - Solid Rock Assembly of God | URBANA - Bar-T Mountainside | WEST FREDERICK - Stone Pillar Farm


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