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AMAC International: A family business producing jollof seasoned rice blends in Montgomery Village, MD, these products are vegan-friendly, and use no preservatives, artificial coloring, or MSG.

Chocolates and Tomatoes: Farmer Mark Mills has worked in the restaurant industry for more than 25 years as a chef and proprietor. He has always enjoyed gardening, and cooking creatively using the freshest ingredients. The farm allows Mark to combine many passions by bringing sustainable, colorful, delicious ingredients to a local audience. His wife Teresa helps out when she can, both in the field and the office.


Copper Penny Farm: Copper Penny Farm began in 2005 when Chuck and Nancy Gardetto first met and discovered a mutual fondness for animals and dirt. After extensively reading and talking to farmers they found they liked the idea of sustainable farming and heritage animals. Copper Penny Farm began to take shape with heritage pigs, Katahdin sheep, Galloway-cross steer, plus a flock of ducks and chickens. Copper Penny Farm expanded to a much larger and much more open piece of property in Adamstown, Maryland in 2019.

DaddyBoy Bakes is a growing bakery based in Frederick, Maryland specializing in hand made, fresh baked breads, scones, pies, and cookies.

Dandelion & Rust Farm: Farmer Laura Genello has worked in local food systems for over ten years. She has run farmers markets in DC, managed an educational aquaponics farm in Baltimore, and currently works for Baltimore City Public Schools as a Farm to School Specialist. She grows her produce using sustainable methods, without synthetic pesticides or fertilizers, at her farm in Myersville, MD.

Deer Run Farm: A small family owned and operated beef cattle and heritage poultry operation located in northern Frederick County. The farm has been in operation since 1996 by the Stewart family, practicing conventional farming with regards to sustainability and regeneration by rotationally grazing their cattle on 65 acres throughout the Spring, Summer and Fall. Their heritage poultry operation was established in 2017 and follows a 100% free range on pasture farming technique. The combination of chickens following cattle on pasture is a true example of regenerative farming.

Hard Struggle Homestead: This veteran family-owned Frederick County Farm was started in 2020 by Mark Brown and Lisa Tsinkos. They are raising chickens, ducks, and geese using  sustainable poand regenerative methods inspired by Polyface Farooooo'

Kim’s Urban Homestead: A small homestead on ⅓ of an acre in a local community, producing what we can to sustain ourselves and share with others. Small scale market garden, layer flock, and home baked goods. Our motto is homegrown and homemade. Baked goods are available directly at the homestead or local farmers markets.

Koofie's Natural Living on Grazy Days Family Farm is a local, woman-owned, family-based business focused on providing the most healthy, nourishing food and body products operating out of Frederick, MD. They work hard to grow and make the very best products for your family with the goal of fostering connections with the local community, and to provide you with the wholesome choices for your family.

Mountainside Grows: Farmer Nick Miller has nearly a decade of experience in agriculture. Nick grows and teaches on Mountainside's two-acre sustainable farm. He enjoys introducing children and adults alike to the joys of growing and eating fresh fruits and vegetables and building a connection to the food we eat and the soil that produces it.

Piece of Harmony: Piece of Harmony farm is a small family produce farm nestled at the bottom of Braddock Mountain located near Harmony in Myersville, MD. The farm is operated by Andrew and Katie Grimm. “We love growing our own food and teaching our children how to also. Our family has been growing produce for our own family for several years and we love to share with our community. We grow a variety of produce year round and sell locally, and at Myersville Farmer's Market. We like to get to know our customers and educate them about their food.” 

Pleasant Hill Produce: Farmers Ben and Heather Sayler farm in Frederick County, where they were raised, growing high-quality, organic food using sustainable practices to maintain the land for future generations. Purposeful plantings attract beneficial insects and discourage the destructive ones, and synthetic herbicides and pesticides are never used. Weeds are controlled by hoeing, mulching, and hand weeding. Cover crops build organic matter and protect topsoil from erosion. Rainwater is collected and stored for irrigation. The flock of laying hens are free from hormones, antibiotics, and cages with a diet of goodies found in their natural environment, GMO-free feed from our local farmers cooperative, and veggies from the farm. 

Stone Pillar Farm: At Michael Fahrner's small family farm on the west side of Frederick they raise pasture-raised meats and eggs using regenerative farming practices that enhance soil health, improve water and air quality, reduce erosion, produce nutrient dense foods, and store carbon in the soil. Their meat chickens are moved daily, and laying hens are moved every other day in mobile coops and tractors. Chickens are processed on farm with their own equipment.

Sundreams Farm: Established in 2019 by Samantha Rose and Alexander Serini with the intent to produce high quality, nutrient dense foods in a way that promotes balance of the ecosystem regenerative agricultural practices. Sundreams produces a range of gourmet mushrooms, and will expand to include culinary and medicinal herbs and some fruits and vegetables. Through a focus on balancing the ecology both above and below the soil, these are all grown without the use of any toxic pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, or synthetic fertilizers.


Sunny Hill Growers: Farming is a new venture for Ray and Maria Soderberg who operate Sunny Hill Growers in Rocky Ridge, MD. For three years they have been growing veggies and flowers on two of their 10 acres while working to improve soil health and quality. They also grow tomatoes, peppers, herbs and salad greens in two greenhouses. Sunny Hill is Certified Naturally Grown and Ray and Maria are pursuing USDA organic certification. They are also proud of their biodegradable and compostable packaging.


Wait, What? Sauce Company: We are a small family-based business that has been in production since April 2017. We make sauces and spice rubs for pork, poultry, and beef. All of our products are hand-crafted in small batches in a commercial kitchen near Thurmont. We use no additives, preservatives, and no MSG.



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