Bacon Ends ~ GMO- and soy-free fed

Producer: Koofie’s Natural Living Farm & Botanicals

Category: Meat & Seafood

Yum… bacon ends! These are the bits cut off to make the bacon slices more even in length or breadth. They are great for adding bacon flavor to soups and veggie dishes. They’re often unsliced with extra little bits in the package.

Our heritage pigs are raised in the woods to have a variety of natural food choices, as well as twice daily feeding of fermented GMO- and soy-free grain and mineral mix. This produces a wonderful flavor that is a much different experience from store-bought pork.


Antibiotic Free Frozen Local Naturally Grown Non-GMO Soy Free Sustainable Practices Woodland Raised

Available At These Locations

FREDERICK - Frederick Friends Meeting | POINT OF ROCKS - Solid Rock Assembly of God | URBANA - Bar-T Mountainside | WEST FREDERICK - Stone Pillar Farm

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