Sunny Hill Growers LLC

Certified Natural Grown farm in Rocky Ridge, MD

Sunny Hill Growers LLC

Sunny Hill Growers, LLC operated by Ray and Maria Soderberg, is a ten acre farm in Rocky Ridge, MD with two acres under production with room for expansion. Using permanent beds, we grow intensive, closely spaced crops with multiple bed turn overs per year.

We are serious about managing the land properly with respect to the earth and growing product under the best and safest practices. We only till the soil when breaking new ground and establishing new planting beds. After that, the planting areas are managed with no till practices to protect the soil structure and biology.

Our farm has received the Certified Naturally Grown designation which assures our customers that we follow strict, natural, organic and sustainable standards for all products grown on our farm (veggies, herbs, flowers). Absolutely no chemicals, pesticides, herbicides or genetically modified (GMO) seed used on our farm. We only use open pollinated, USDA certified organic seed and only USDA certified organic or ORMI listed soil amendments.

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